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The Lovely Rose

A Rose by Any Other Name...

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Rose Clitoral Sex Toy is Waterproof

Slippery When Wet? ... No Problem?

Take a dip in the tub with your Lovely Rose for a dripping exclamation mark on a long day!

Rose Vibrator Clitoral Stimulator

Don't Forget the Clit!

Some things shouldn't need to be explained...Tired of talking? Our clitoral stimulators say less and do more!

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7 Powerful Suction Modes...take your me-time into the the 21st century!

Latest reviews!

I-....I don't even know where to begin.

Less than 30 seconds, and after that it just kind of became addictive. The concentrated sensations are mind-blowing and made me see stars. The reviews that said if you've never squirted before, you will with this....is absolutely true. It was actually a lot EASIER to finish that hard.

Katie E.

It makes you squirt and I never did before. Be prepared!


This is mind blowing! It gives you a feeling that you've never experience before and it can become addictive. Beware! I give it a 10 star rating. Whoever built this toy was thinking about me lol. This is great for spicing up the bedroom but most importantly it is convenient for single women and easy to use.

Ana-Kay J.

This thing. It lives up to the hype. And if you and your girlfriends don't have it yet, get it.